NoTrump Bidding book corrections
  last updated 12th May 2009
  The book 'The Definitive Guide to (strong) No Trump Bidding, Stayman and Transfers' has now been published. Here are a few errors that have been noted after publication.
Page 4 The sequence in the last line of the page should be 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3
Page 9

There is a minor grammatical error in the 2nd paragraph from the bottom:

  ... LHO or is you can keep LHO... should read:
  ... LHO or if you can keep LHO...
Page 12 Some rather poor grammar here on the 2nd line:
  ...main considerations to be considered... should read:
  ...main factors to be considered...
Page 117 Near the bottom of the page the line 6- has a symbol instead of a symbol. The line should read:
  6- A 2 bid allows the opposition to come in cheaply when responder has a weak hand with 's.
Pages157 at the bottom of both pages, the line (4) 2 keycards + Q
and 158 should read (4) 2 keycards + Q and/or the Q.
Please e-mail me if you notice any errors not mentioned above.