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  Bingo, often formerly called Housie, is a game where people try to match numbers drawn at ramdom with numbers on a card. When someone does this, (either by completing a row or a column or whatever the house rules are) they call "BINGO!" loudly and can collect their prize once their card is verified. For more BINGO Link visiot  

Online Bingo has become extreemly popular with the rise of the World Wide Web over the last decade. There is a huges selection of on-line bingo game sites with some including bingo game play tips. Some sites even offer free online bingo tickets. To get started, you need to signup with a particular site and then either download the online bingo software or play bingo directly online, depending upon the site. There are many different rules for the patterns you have to match on your bingo card to win, but a line (row, column or diagional) is most common.

  Bingo is also played in halls and social events. Bingo rules and payouts, jackpots and play variations vary from place to place. Bingo brochures detailing particular games, rules and payouts are usually available at each respective location. Usually, players buy cards with numbers. Numbers are then drawn at random (out of a possible 75 in American Bingo, and 90 in British and Australasian Bingo) until one player completes the pre-determined 'Bingo' pattern.  
USA bingo card   There are many possible patterns to play for. An American bingo card usually contains 24 numbered spaces and one free space (blank) in the centre. The numbers are assigned at random on each card and are arranged in five columns of five numbers each by five rows (5 x 5 = 25 in total including the blank square). The five columns are usually under the letters B-I-N-G-O respectively. The numbers in the B column are between 1 and 15, in the I column between 16 and 30, etc. up to 75.
UK bingo card   In the UK, Europe and Australasia, the card is a different format, with the numbers from 1-90 being used. There are 9 colums of three squares, the first column is for the numbers 1-10, the second column for the numbers 11-20 etc. up to 90. Each horizontal line has five numbers and four blank squares.
  Using the UK type card, prizes are given for either/or completing a horizontal line or completing the complete card. In the USA the winning pattern may be virtually any pattern that has been decided beforehand, it could be a line (vertical, horizontal or diagional) or another pattern such as all of the numbers around the free square.  
  While many of us remember bingo as a game we and our family and friends played when we were kids, this great game has gone through some changes over the years. There are a variety of bingo promotions you can take advantage of to meet new people, try something new, or just have a good time. Playing online is a fun way to enjoy this classic game.  
  Play Online Bingo games at There are a large variety of bingo games available online and knowing the ins and outs of each game will help you determine which game you will enjoy when you play online here.  
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