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Online Blackjack Tips

  If you’re looking for a new online challenge, you may wish to consider online blackjack. Online blackjack is just like the blackjack you may be used to playing at a live casino or with friends. However, the action is faster online and getting a game started is much easier.

It also has the advantage that you are not harassed to play quickly and can play at you own tempo.

Online Blackjack Tip No. 1: Know the Basics

Online blackjack is not a guessing game. If you want to give yourself the best chance to win, you need to play “by the book.” The book in this case is Edward O. Thorp’s “Beat the Dealer.”

In his book, Thorp outlines the correct play for every blackjack situation. This outline has been refined over the years to become what we know today as basic strategy.

Basic strategy for blackjack means that for every two card combination vs. one card dealer combination, there is a mathematically correct play. No matter if you play USA black jack or any other blackjack variation - a basic strategy chart will tell you what that play is.

Online Blackjack Tip No. 2: Look to Surrender

While in normal circumstances surrender may seem like something to avoid, in blackjack, surrender is actually a favorable rule that can significantly reduce the House edge. When you play blackjack online, you have a wide variety of options regarding where you can play.

Look for the site that offers the most favorable rules and hence the lowest House edge to the player. Even a different in House edge of only one or two percentage points can add up over all the sessions of online blackjack that you end up playing.

Online Blackjack Tip No. 3: Build Your Bankroll With Bonuses

Hefty sign-up bonuses and the occasional loyalty bonus can keep your bankroll healthy for quite some time. Combine lucrative bonuses with correct basic strategy blackjack play and you dramatically increase your chances of coming out ahead. Check out an online Casino Guide to find a good bonus deal.

You can only use one sign-up bonus for each online casino you sign up with to play blackjack. However, there is nothing preventing you from continuing to sign up with new online blackjack sites and taking advantage of new bonus opportunities.

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