The Sandwich NT
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The Sandwich No Trump

  The Sandwich NoTrump is so called because it is a bid of 1NT made in the 'Sandwich seat', i.e between two bidding opponents.  
Hand A

The Sandwich NT is much the same as the UNT but one level lower. This hand is from news-sheet 166. LHO opens 1 and RHO responds 1, what do you do?


Now you would like to show your shapely two-suiter and an Unusual 2NT would probably be fine at favourable vulnerability, but at any other vulnerability it's probably a bit too high. So double?

K10874 That would show these two suits but would imply a much stronger hand.

The answer is that 1NT here is also unusual and shows the two unbid suits. There is no need for a natural strong 1NT overcall between two bidding opponents and opposite a passed partner.

Hand B The Sandwich NT is not restricted to the minors, it simply shows the two unbid suits. With Hand B you could also bid 1NT after LHO opens 1 and RHO bids 1.


Hand C Hand D

And the Sandwich NT also applies even if 's are unbid. If LHO opens 1 and RHO bids 1 then with Hand C you bid 1NT but with Hand D you can double to show a stronger hand.

K10943 AQ943
65 65

Some players prefer to play this the other way round, so that the weaker hand doubles and can thus have 1 as a possible resting place.

6 6
K10874 AQ874


Hand E The Sandwich NT is basically used to show two suits if you do not wish to bid as high as 2NT. But that does not mean that you cannot still use the UNT 2NT.

With Hand E LHO has opened 1 and RHO has responded 1♠. 1NT would show these two suits but many would prefer to bid a full-blooded pre-emptive 2NT.



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