Herbal Toothpaste from Thailand

  herbal tooth paste thailand

Prim Perfect herbal toothpaste. The toothpast where you know the difference after use. Main Ingredients (no preservatives):
- Borneol is been used as a medicine by many Asian cultures and is a very important ingredient in many Japanese incense formulas. Properties include healing of swollen and sore throat, canker sores, sores, ulcers, etc. In addition, it is used in many compound recipes for clearing away heat and promoting regeneration of tissues.
- Menthol has local anesthetic and counterirritant qualities, and it is widely used to relieve minor throat irritation.
- Camphor is readily absorbed through the skin and produces a feeling of cooling similar to that of menthol, and acts as slight local anesthetic and antimicrobial substance.

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  Thai herbal toothpate The 5Star 5A Herbal Clove Toothpaste helps eliminate limestone from cigarette, tea, coffee and whitening teeth. Reduced to have a hypersensitive tooth and Anti Bacteria. You will have a long lasting fresh breath. Similar ingredients to Prim Perfect.  
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